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Ella Catliff
Boasting a truly impressive clutch of fashion collaborations with brands including Dior and Louis Vuitton, Ella Catliff knows more than a thing or two about style.

Enter into her wonderful world and find out why The One has the power to make every woman look and feel fantastic.
Valentine Vanesse
Say hello to Valentine, a Parisian style guru whose blog Hello Valentine has attracted the attention of many a dedicated follower over the years.

Can Valentine help you find The One? With her unbridled enthusiasm for all things stylish, it’s guaranteed. She tells you about all of the things that make her look and feel fabulous.
Sali Hughes
There’s nothing Sali Hughes doesn’t know about beauty and style. Her highly-acclaimed book Pretty Honest is full of expert tips and advice.

Sali talks about more of her favourite things, from lingerie to face serum to women who’ve inspired her style. Truly invaluable advice to help you in your search for The One!
Cora Harrington
How do you begin your search for The One? Cora’s advice and expertise is something you won’t want to be without.

She has such a passion for underwear that she named her blog The Lingerie Addict. And of course, she’s here to tell you everything she knows about what to wear under your clothes.
Lindsey Calla
TV host, blogger and style expert Lindsey Calla introduces you to her world, and the things that inform her faultless personal style.

The One for her? It’s so good she wears it everyday. Let her guide you through the foundations of great style, so that you too can find The One bra that’s perfect for you.
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