Jessica Hart

Model Jessica Hart joins Triumph exclusively to showcase the Spring/Summer 2017 collection

Jessica Hart is no stranger to being in front of the camera. She shares with us her secrets to feeling confident in the perfect fitting bra and how everyday women can Find The One For Every You.

With Triumph I am bringing to life the multifaceted role women play every day

How does it feel to be working with such an iconic lingerie brand?
It’s great! I am really excited to be associated with such an amazing household name. In 2017, the brand will be 131 years old, which is unbelievably cool and says a lot really about how strong and relevant the brand is. I think a big part of why the brand has been a leader since 1886 is because it knows exactly how to design and craft its products to make women look and feel at their best. The brand understands that the wrong or uncomfortable fit can ruin a woman’s day and that level of insight means that it designs excellent products. I worked with Triumph a few years ago and it’s great to be back. The brand is still exciting and creative to work with and I love the new campaign concept.

What excites you the most about starring in the Triumph SS17 campaign that’s a whole new creative direction for the brand?
It’s a great new direction for the brand and one that resonates with me because I feel like I’m many different people all rolled into one. One day, I’m modelling and am super confident and in character. Another, I’m relaxing and I’ve turned my in- front-of-the-camera face off. I’m comfortable with all the different aspects of me and that’s empowering. It’s fantastic to have a lingerie brand that recognises all the different roles a woman plays and caters for everyone – there’s something really authentic about that, and it's a philosophy that has made the brand what it is today.

How do you think the SS17 campaign relates to everyday women?
In reality, I think we all have a few little hidden characters and all lead such varied lifestyles that this is what makes the campaign imagery so relevant. Embracing the different aspects of your personality and having lingerie that supports all the different types of you helps you to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Recognising and designing products for all shapes and sizes to feel at their best no matter what they’re doing underpins everything Triumph does and that’s something that I admire – and want from a lingerie brand!

Who do you think the most beautiful women are and how do they feel more confident?
I think the most beautiful women are self-confident and are just simply comfortable in their own skin. I know it’s easier said than done but just being the best version of yourself is the way to achieve that.

How do you think a great fitting bra helps women and their confidence?
I think some bras are almost like an armour, you get a sense of security. It’s also the foundation to your outfit – if your bra’s not right then how can the rest of it be? Through this recent study that Triumph shared, 7/10 women feel more confident with the right fitting bra but only 1/6 know their right size! When I found this out, I couldn’t believe it! Getting professionally fitted is genuinely life changing, mainly because it makes day-to-day so much for comfortable which, of course, gives you more confidence. Triumph has so many styles to choose from so that every woman can find the one to make them feel their best no matter what the occasion or their size.

What was it like working with Rankin for the first time?
Rankin’s great, a real legend! I’ve always heard so much about him in the fashion industry and this was my first opportunity to work him. It was such an amazing experience – he made it so easy for me to embrace femininity, self-confidence when shooting the Triumph SS17 campaign, it was so empowering. His ethos is very much aligned with the brand’s; he’s not about making an object of his subjects, his focus is on putting them at ease so they can express themselves – that’s what he sets out to capture and what Triumph wants too.

When do you feel most confident?
I feel most confident when I’m wearing great fitting clothes, including lingerie which ultimately helps me to feel good too. Also, it should go without saying, when I am surrounded by my closest friends and family too.

What’s been most fun about being on set?
Honestly, each time I walked on set I wondered what Rankin would make me do next. It honestly was the best part – he always thinks of new ways to get the most amazing shots.

Have you found ‘The One For Every You’?
Yes! Honestly, Triumph has so many styles to choose from it’s impossible to pick a favourite. I love the Amourette for an everyday feminine lacy bra and Magic Boost for some va-va-voom when I go out in the evening or for a special occasion! Sexy Angel is perfect for sultry occasions and I love Dynamic Lite’s Extreme Lite non wired style for when I’m out during the day and then heading to the gym later on – it’s a great bra that is super versatile.

Jessica Hart

Jessica Hart is an Australian model. Born in Sydney, Jessica was urged on by her aunt to enter a modeling competition held by Dolly Magazine in 2000, which she won. Jessica is noted for her trademark gap-toothed smile and has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines across the globe including Vogue Australia and Sports Illustrated in 2009 and, has shot editorials for Harper's Bazaar Australia, Vogue Mexico, Elle Italia, US Glamour, Time Out and many more. Jessica launched her own cosmetics range, LUMA in 2014, which promotes natural beauty.