Aqua Exotic Collection 2020

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Aqua Exotic

No wire, all impact

With over 130 years’ experience of creating perfectly fitting lingerie, the newest innovation from Triumph has been designed for the demanding lives of modern women. Underneath a deceivingly simple look is an intelligent support system that’s designed to mould to a woman’s unique shape, adapting throughout the day, night and month, whatever the occasion. 

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Aqua Exotic Non Wired Push Up Bra Deep V

Modernized styling to refresh the look & feel of Aqua series with seasonal design. Bring fashionable elements into the series, so that lingerie can also be considered as fashion items to be mixed and matched with outfits.

Features include

- A non-wired push up DV fit 
- Integrated level 1 ultra light Aqua cookie for a natural look
- Incorporated a light and breathable cup, perfect for the Summer 
- Decorated with full lace creating a feminine touch

Aqua Exotic Wired Push Up Bra Deep V

The Aqua Exotic Deep V is also available in a wired design and uses integrated padding to create an impactful push up look. Decorated with signature lace, this seductive lingerie is ideal for any occasion.

Features include

- Based on our best selling wired push up DV fit
- Level 2 push up with ultra light weight integrated Aqua cookies
- Decorated with signature lace full front and back