Alecia Minster's Body Positivity Journey

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Alecia's Body Positivity Journey

How It All Started

How could I hate the body that gave me three beautiful children? How did I not look to see what other people found beautiful in me and feel content in their love?  And how did I get to a place where my self worth was wrapped up in how I looked?

Honestly, I don’t know.

Not that long ago I avoided looking at my body in the mirror. In my eyes what I saw was less than beautiful and I struggled to find anything about my body I liked.  As a young woman, I was petite.  Having children; my love of food and getting older altered how my body worked, and for the first time, my shape changed completely. The emotional fall out from this crept up slowly and in the end viciously.

My inner mean girl spoke loud and clear …UGLY.

I have been on quite a journey of self-love, starting with changing how I eat and see food, to exploring what are the best parts of me.  They are not my legs, stomach or butt; they are my laugh, joy, enthusiasm and generosity.  I did lose quite a bit of weight and found boundless new energy that is helping me keep up with my three very active boys, plus giving me clarity of mind I was not expecting.

I am never going to have the body I had as a twenty-year-old, and that’s ok.

I feel very fortunate; my little business, Girl Bosses AU,  built around supporting and nurturing women, is growing.  I am more connected to intelligent, mindful and ambitious women than ever.  Consequently, we were noticed by a company whose business is quite literally about supporting women; Triumph Lingerie. Triumph are experts in bra support, fitting and supporting women of all shapes and sizes

I got my gear off for a shoot last week and it was both petrifying and empowering.

My greatest fear about the shoot was that people would perceive me as being a little in love with myself … wait a second, aren’t I allowed to feel happy about being me?  Clearly, I was still holding on to the notion that what other people thought of how I looked was important.  The truth is, I do care about what people think about my business, ethics and values because these are at the core of who I am, but my body is what it is and I’m going to embrace its imperfection as a thing of beauty.

I’m so grateful for those around me who encouraged this amazing adventure into the Triumph partnership.  My husband is thrilled to have bragging rights to, ‘my wife is a lingerie model’ and always thinks I am a beautiful woman inside and out.  On the day of the shoot I wanted my personality to shine through and make people smile, my photographer and friend, Danielle Knox, achieved that in spades. Triumph wants women to root for each other, because we rise by lifting each other up.

At Triumph, we're all about women supporting women, which is why we design bras to support you. Shop our latest everyday support bras here.

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About Alecia

Alecia Minster is the founder and CEO of Girl Bosses Australia. After going on maternity leave and deciding she no longer wanted to return to her career in marketing after 20 years, Alecia started her own business driven solely by her passion and determination to inspire women just like her. Through her loyal following on social media, Alecia has formed a strong network that she inspires everyday through her engaging posts and genuine Instagram stories that relay her everyday stories in business. Alecia also works as a mentor for women in business, and regularly offers her advice at public speaking events.

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