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Liv & Teigan

Celebrating National Friendship Day

It’s National Friendship Day and Triumph is celebrating because we know when women support women, incredible things happen. 

Friends are like a good bra; supportive and always close to your heart!

To celebrate, we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite BFF’s in to tell us more about their friendship and the importance of female friendships.

Q+A with Girls Who Glow, Liv Phyland & Teigan Nash

  How long have you been friends and how did you meet?

Teigan: Liv and I met in 2016, but we both knew of one another having both worked on kids’ TV shows. We met at an event and then started following one another on Instagram. We finally met up for lunch and realised we had so much in common. Not only having both worked in kids TV but our passions; Liv studied Psychology and is a Qualified Health Coach and I have my Nutrition Certificate. Within seven minutes of that lunch catch up we decided to start a business together... and that’s how our friendship started and also the Girls Who Glow brand.


Liv: Teigsy and I knew of each other, as we both worked in Kids TV. But it wasn't until soon after I moved to Sydney, that we met an event. A little while later we caught up for lunch to meet properly, and quickly realised just how much we had in common; hobbies, values, goals and passions. Within 7 minutes, I had a new best friend and business partner.

  Can you provide an example of when you've really supported and / or empowered one another?

When Saturday Disney first finished I went from working full time to working minimal and trying to find my feet again... Liv would constantly check in on me to see how I was going, we would go out on adventures and we would work on our passion project Girls Who Glow. When I did finally land a big role with Tourism Australia as one of their Youth Ambassadors, Liv was extremely supportive and genuinely stoked for me. Working in an industry where there can be a lot of competitiveness, it can sometimes be hard to find that support but Liv and I are always so excited for each other successes!

Liv: What I love, is that Teigsy and I are similar ages, with similar passions, careers, experience and goals. Yet never do we let that lead us to competing against one another. We are both each others biggest cheerleader... If one of us goes for an audition, the other is genuinely nervous, excited and so proud.

This past 12 months has thrown quite a few challenges my way, and I can whole heartedly say, I wouldn't know what I would have done without Teigsy. She  was a shoulder to cry on, and then supported, listened and gave me so much strength.

  What do you admire most about the other?

What I admire about Liv is that even though we are in our 20s and we are adults she hasn't lost that sense of 'play'. Her zest for life is contagious and we can just laugh for hours, days and weeks when we are together. 

Liv: I admire that Teigsy is both the kindest, most gentle and warm soul...  and a strong, resilient and driven woman. She is gutsy, a hard worker and gives everything 110%, all with the biggest smile on her face.

  Why do you think female relationships are so important?

Female relationships are so important because as women we need to have each others backs. We need to empower one another more rather than trying to bring each other down. When we stick together we are stronger... and I think the friendship that Liv and I have is a real testament to that. We could have both met, spoke about what we wanted to do and then gone away and tried to compete with one another. Instead we joined forces and created a workshop to ultimately empower teenage girls to be their healthiest, happiest and best selves. Girls Who Glow is only in its first year but it's thriving because we are working together.

Liv: We as females can be extremely competitive and judgemental with one another. The moment we start supporting, empowering and lifting one another up... 'that' is when the magic happens. That is when we know we are confident and content within ourselves. And that is the moment that strong, independent women can help each other through this roller coaster called life. Laugh together, cry together, and make one hell of an impact on the world!

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Meet Liv and Teigan

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