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BUF Girls

Find The One That Moves You and do this live BUF Girls workout!

I'm sure we can all agree that getting motivated to workout can be tricky... but as the saying goes, it's better to be sore than sorry! Plus, working out with your girl squad could be all the motivation you need.

This is exactly what the BUF Girls live and breathe. They believe in the power of training with your friends by your side - stronger together than apart! The girls recently tested our new Triaction range with an intense 10-minute workout - which you can do at home.

The verdict? Why not give it a go and see?

For more fitness inspiration from BUF Girls, visit their website.

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We’re BIG believers in the power of training with your friends by your side, so when Triumph dared us to create a live time workout you guys could do with us rep for rep to celebrate the launch of their new Triaction range, we couldn’t resist!

Working out with a crew of like-minded girls inspires you to challenge each other and push a little harder, motivates you to be more consistent and makes the experience feel fun and uplifting, something you want to come back for more of.

Our BUF Girls trainers love taking each other on “fit dates”, everything from long walks in nature to pilates classes, boxing lessons, or even kooky events like dance sessions with the lights out and yoga to hip-hop beats!

But when you really need a full body workout that HIITs the spot? There’s nothing like a good BUF circuit, mixing (B)eautiful toning moves, (U)nstoppable cardio sets and (F)earless goal-based challenges.

Now for the important question… what are we wearing and how did it hold up?

In this video, we road tested the new Triaction sports range by Triumph. Check out what we each wore and how it held up!

Libby: Triaction Extreme Lite bra in blue + Triaction Sports Shorts
“The fabric felt really light and I loved the bright colours! Even though the shorts were tiny, the fitted layer underneath made me feel really secure – they were fun to wear and I didn’t have to adjust them once.”

Sian: Triaction Control Lite bra“This bra let me move and bend freely, without shifting out of place. It held everything in and I barely noticed it was there. I always wear singlets to train, so I loved that the colours were bright and perfect for layering.”

Alicia: Triaction Extreme Lite bra in black“I felt really supported in this crop, there was plenty of bounce control but it still felt light and comfy. I chose basic black so I could match it with anything and everything.”

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Meet the BUF Girls

BUF stands for Beautiful, Unstoppable and Fearless which is exactly how you’ll feel when you walk away from a BUF workout or event!

Being a BUF Girl isn’t about competition, body image or comparison. It’s not about being the fittest, the skinniest or the prettiest. It’s about friendship and community. It’s about healthy bodies AND healthy minds. It’s about inspiring, supporting and celebrating each other as the beautiful women we all are, in our own unique ways. It’s about forgetting about working out to chase a shallow ideal of beauty, and training because of how it makes us feel – happy, healthy, balanced, alert, calm, centred, strong, fearless, powerful, unstoppable… it’s about training for the love of it.

BUF Girls is founded by Libby Babet (@libbybabet) one of Australia’s top health and fitness influencers. In 2017 Libby will be joining Channel TEN as the new trainer for The Biggest Loser: Transformed. She is joined by Alicia Beveridge, Cassey Maynard and Sian Johnson.

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