Makaia Carr Stands For Self Love

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Makaia Carr Stands for Self Love

Self Love Is Important

I try to make everything I do these days come from a place of self-love and compassion – I want my actions to be borne out of love for my own body and mind. Starting from a place of self-love ensures that everything you do – the food you put it into your body, the way you move it to exercise, the relationships you have with others and with yourself – helps to maintain a healthy state of mind. I really believe that when we live life and go about our daily actions with love and a positive mind set, good things will come our way. The results or success we are searching for will happen and we leave a positive mark on all that we come into contact with. Compared to – when we drive and push ourselves out of fear, anger, hate, (for ourselves and others) our body clams up, our mind stresses, life throws obstacles in our way, we fail, we battle and we feel like life is fighting us.

A while back I found this quote on social media, loved it, decided to share it and found it to be the perfect quote to read aloud and end all my public speaking events about wellbeing and self love talks I give:

You are not too fat or too skinny. 
You are not too old or too wrinkly. 
Your nose isn't too big and your boobs aren't too small. 
You are not ugly or stupid. 
This body of yours, no matter what shape or size, has carried you around your whole life. 
It's taken you places, enabled you to explore the world. 
Picked you up when you've fallen down. 
Fought through colds and flu, broken bones and broken hearts. 
Even though you put it down it keeps on going. 
Keeps on working to the best it can. 
Through the good and the bad your heart has kept beating. 
It will take you through to the very end. 
What a wonderful, clever thing it is. 
What a brilliant, beautiful person you are.

Those words really sum up how I feel about my body now. I spent so long not giving it the love and respect it needs and deserves, but now I see that loving your body is the only way to live a happy, satisfying life. Sadly, many of us not only don’t practice self-love, but in fact veer more towards self-loathing. If we can let go of the negative feelings we have about ourselves, and embrace a more positive, kind and compassionate approach, life really does become so much more enjoyable, not just for you but for those close to you, too. 

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on and acknowledging my true feelings about my body and taking them towards love and gratitude when I can. It’s important to accept that all feelings are okay and natural – even negative thoughts have a place in my mind, it’s just about recognising them and working on ways to let them pass by without holding on to them for too long. Accepting my body for what it is takes daily practice after a lifetime of wanting to change it, and like any new journey it has its ups and downs. Self-doubt creeps in sometimes but ultimately, I know that this is where I am and where I need to be: embracing my body with love, and giving it the respect it deserves and should have been given for a very long time. This acceptance has helped me change the way I speak about myself, especially in front of my daughter. And this new way of thinking has given me an intense feeling​ of freedom within myself. I feel completely free to do things for love of myself and not be restricted or controlled by goals and targets or a need to change. 

One body shape is not better than another. All bodies are beautiful and have their own unique beauty that shines through. Everyone has a gift, everyone has something special to offer this world. We just need to know we are all special, find out what our “thing” is and – we just need to share those talents and let that beauty shine and most of all own it with pride.

If we allow ourselves to do this, others will follow with positive action and acceptance. 

Together we can Triumph! 

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About Makaia

Makaia Carr is a New Zealand based mother of 2, business owner, author, and motivational speaker. She is renowned for her strong stance on positive body image and female empowerment, as well as her "real world" approach to motherhood. She recently released her first book, Keeping It Real, which delves in body positivity, and her humble beginnings as a teen mum to now one of New Zealand's most in demand influencers. 

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